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Embellence Group has more than 100 years of experience of design, craftsmanship, quality and innovation.

1564: “Rosenvinge” is designed and marks the start of the Company’s design archive. It was re-launched in 2018 by Boråstapeter in its Anno collection

1875: Cole & Son is founded in Islington, England

1905: Boråstapeter is founded in Borås, Sweden

1995: Artscape is founded in Portland, Oregon, US

1999: Pappelina is founded in Falun, Sweden

2002: Embellence Group acquires the Swedish company Engblad & Co

2005: Wall&decò is founded

2008: Embellence Group acquires Cole & Son

2018: Embellence Group acquires Wall&decò

2019: Cole & Son launches textiles for furniture and curtains based on its most iconic designs. Pappelina launches direct-to-consumer e-commerce

2020: Launch of direct-to-consumer e-commerce for Cole & Son

2021: Product expansion to rugs through the acquisition of Pappelina

2022: Boråstapeter is divided into two individual companies, Boråstapeter AB and Borås Tapetfabrik AB. Embellence Group acquires Artscape Inc.