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Wall&decò was founded in 2005 in Cervia by Christian Benini. With his background as a photographer in advertising, he created an environment with large illustrated leaves that attracted attention from designers and architects, becoming the beginning for Wall&decò.

Through the years, the portfolio has expanded from traditional wallpaper to include two collections in innovative performance wallpaper, “OUT system” and “WET system”, which combine design with technical solutions. The OUT system contains wallpapers developed for walls outdoors and façades, while the WET system is adapted for damp environments such as bathrooms. The Company has applied for a patent for this technique.

Wall&decò is a modern and innovative brand. In 2019, it received awards such as the Wallpaper Design Award and the German Design Award. All production is digital and takes place directly upon order, which entails a low inventory and contributes to an advantageous cash flow through limited tied-up capital.

Christian Benini 

Christian Benini began his career as a portrait photographer and then went on to specialise in fashion and publicity photography. He has worked in close conjunction with advertising agencies and fashion houses in Italy, the UK and the USA.

Over the years he has honed a precise interest in photography of interiors. In 2005 his intuition inspired him to create Wall&decò: upon reproducing an image for use as a backdrop on a photography set, he perceived its remarkable decorative value, versatility and potential for use in the furnishing world. This marked the start of a contemporary wallpaper collection for interiors which was then extended to embrace outdoor areas and damp indoor environments, redefining the stylistic elements of wall decorations by proposing blow-ups and macro-images as alternatives to patterns and geometries.

This research path was broadened even further in 2017 with the Essential Wallpaper Collection, dedicated to interpreting the sheer decorative value of textures. An alternative world compared to large narrative designs, featuring 3D patterns, inlays, carvings and metal light details which create veritable bas-relieves. The genesis of surfaces just waiting to be explored by hand and not just with the eyes.