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Embellish with Excellence

Embellence Group deems that a focused ESG process goes hand in hand with longterm growth and high profitability, as it is a prerequisite for building future-proof premium and luxury brands – and developing attractive products.

Sustainability activities with a focus on the entire value chain
We at Embellence Group are convinced that, through a long-term focus on sustainability with a social, environmental and economic perspective, we can promote lasting, responsible and sustainable development. The basis of our efforts is the high-quality products from our brands, which are responsibly manufactured and promote a more beautiful, more inspiring everyday life for people around the globe. Our sustainability activities encompass the entire value chain, are integrated into both strategic and everyday activities and permeate all of our operations.

“Embellish with Excellence” – the motto at the heart
of our sustainability activities
Embellence Group’s sustainability agenda – “Embellish with Excellence” – includes the Group’s most important environmental, social and ethical aspects. The name captures the Group’s main objective. This motto also represents our approach for continually working with a long-term perspective, and protecting and respecting the environment, society and people.

About the focus areas
The Group’s climate and environmental commitment (A sustainable value chain) is focused on reducing the Group’s direct and indirect negative impacts on the environment and the climate.
The social sustainability theme (A sustainable organisation and stimulating workplace) is focused on protecting all employees and taking a stand on important social issues. Processes linked to ethics (Responsible and ethical business) are focused on securing the right conditions and optimal structures for governance.


Protect the climate and the environment

Embellence Group’s climate and environmental commitment is aimed at minimising the Group’s direct and indirect negative impacts on the environment and theclimate.The process is based on two strategic focus areas:

More embellishment with less impact
Measure and reduce Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions
in a reliable and continuous manner.

Efficient management  of materials and resources
Switch to sustainable and renewable, and respect and use the
materials, resources and energy used by the Group efficiently.

Protects people and values

Embellence Group’s social sustainability activities focus on employee health, well-being and development. A great deal of energy is also being put into protecting and consolidating shared values. The Group’s ability to identify, attract, develop and retain the right employees, with the
right skills and attitude, is absolutely critical for the Group’s continued success.

Act with integrity as a company and as individuals

All activities carried out by Embellence Group shall be characterised by respect for individuals, society and the environment. This also applies to projects and initiatives that take place in collaboration with partners and suppliers. We have zero tolerance for any type of corruption, which includes all types of bribery and extortion. The theme for this process is ‘Responsible and ethical business’ and the aim is to lay the foundation for how we act and do business at both company and individual level. For the Group, this means having the right foundations in the form of corporate governance, policies, guidelines and other tools to ensure and promote the accountability and integrity of all employees.