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Boråstapeter was founded in 1905 with the vision that ‘all Swedes should be able to afford to create a more beautiful home using wallpaper.’ The number of international customers has since increased and the vision has now been changed to ‘Drawing inspiration from our Swedish heritage, we create wallpapers for every home.’ There are more than 10,000 designs in the design archive.

New designs are developed both internally and in collaboration with renowned designers. The design archive also includes in-licensed designs from such designers as Arne Jacobsen and Alvar Aalto"

Our values

Boråtapeter inspire people to create more cozy and personal homes with Swedish-made wallpapers that last over time.

The desire to inspire has always been strong in Boråstapeter - both through the positive emotions we evoke with our beautiful patterns, colors and materials, but also because we are happy to share our knowledge with all of you who, just like us, also want to create more cozy and personal homes using wallpaper.

The pride of craftsmanship and the feeling for quality are in our walls. Since we have our own factory in Borås, we have for many years been able to develop and fine-tune the smallest details in both the creative design process and in production. It is noticeable in everything, from the careful choice of paper to the environmentally friendly printing technique and, not least, in our great love of patterns.

Choosing a wallpaper from Boråstapeter is a safe choice. With our large selection of wallpapers for all rooms and homes, we can offer something that appeals to most people and we are proud of that.