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Welcome to Embellence Group

Embellence Group, founded in 1905, is a leading European company in interior decoration with a focus on premium brands in the wallpaper segment, complimented by other color and pattern driven interior decoration such as textiles and rugs. Our products are sold in more than 100 markets around the world.

Capital Markets Day 2024 Embellence Group organised a Capital Markets Day on May 21, 2024. Read more

Annual General Meeting 2024

The shareholders of Embellence Group AB are hereby summoned to the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 8 May 2024 at 1:00 p.m. at the Company’s premises at Ryssnäsgatan 8 in Borås, Sweden.

Embellence Group Interim Report Q1 2024 A strong start to the year Read the report here
Annual Report 2023 Strong end to challenging year Read the report here

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Our brands


The motto Wallpapers for every home means that Boråstapeter offer a wide array of collections, many with a strong connection to the Swedish heritage and the colors and patterns of the nature around Scandinavia. All the collections share the design philosophy of beautiful, functional and emotional.

Our brands

Cole & Son

A renowned British wallpaper brand established in 1875. Known for its rich heritage and whimsical design. With a commitment to quality craftmanship and artistic excellence, Cole&Son continues to inspire decorators and homeowners worldwide.

Our brands


Innovative design, highest quality in-house manufacturing, technical performance, tailor-made solutions. Reference brand in the world for custom wallpaper with solutions for all environments: indoors, outdoors and wet interiors.
Our brands

pappelina logo

High quality plastic rugs for every home and every space, inside and outside. Playful and contemporary design with a Scandinavian touch.

Our brands

Artscape logo

By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern digital techniques, Artscape creates unique window film designs. All products are designed and produced in the USA, which is also the brand's main market.

Our brands

A wallpaper manufacturing unit mostly supplying Embellence Group brands. Supporting their customers with deep competence in how to bridge design ideas to finished wallpapers thanks to the understanding of colors, material and printing techniques. Offering broad range of printing techniques and process capacity, always with sustainability in focus.