Embellence Group

Embellish with Excellence

In 2020 we changed the name of our company, from Wallvision to Embellence Group.

EMBELLENCE GROUP Embellish with Excellence

As we have our roots in the wallpaper industry, the name Wallvision represents our history in a great way. However, our ambitions grew from only making walls more beautiful to making everyday life more beautiful and inspiring. We saw the need to rebrand our company to reflect our new purpose and mission - and Embellence Group was born.

The name is a combination of two key words that capture the core and spirit of what we do: Embellish and Excellence.

Embellish represents the core of what we do - making everyday life more beautiful and inspiring. Our brands are founded on, and driven by, design and art – constantly exploring new expressions and reinventing themselves through creativeness and an artistic approach in their own unique way.

Excellence represents our stringent focus on doing our utmost to perform and excel in everything we do. Apart from excellent design and artwork, it also entails the quality of the products and materials we use as well as making sure that we contribute to a more environmentally, socially and financially sustainable future.

We are in it for the long run – through continuous focus on embellishment and excellence we will succeed – Embellence Group.

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