Our strategy – this is our approach to success

Embellence Group is a House of Brands, we acquire, own and develop strong and unique brands within interior decoration. The key components of our strategy are brand-building, a focus on premium and luxury segments, decentralization, sustainability, as well as digitalization.

Brand-building: The key competitive aspect within our industry, apart from the design and the quality of the products and services, is the brand. This is particularly true within the premium and luxury segments. The Group has a strong focus on building and developing strong brands with their own unique story, characteristics, and approach. The Brands are provided with the freedom to create their own path and identity with guidance and support from the Group.

Focus on premium and luxury: Embellence Group shall continue to grow in the premium and luxury segments since these segments offer higher gross profit margins and higher anticipated growth rate than the value segment. These segments also provide stronger resilience in challenging times like we are currently experiencing. In addition to a shift in the sales mix, it involves a continued broadening of the product portfolio into related areas, such as fabrics and rugs. This broadening could take place either within existing brands or through acquisitions.

Decentralization: To succeed in the premium and luxury segments and with building strong brands, we believe that decentralization is a key component. We also believe that speed beat synergies, and hence, our Brands own and are the drivers on their unique journeys. The Group guide and support each Brand based on their needs with sharp central capabilities.

Sustainability: Embellence Group acknowledges the fact that each business and individual need to do their part in saving the environment and ensuring the health and well-being of people. It is also viewed as a prerequisite to be competitive in the market going forward. The Group has developed a ESG framework and implemented tools and processes as the foundation to support the Brands on their sustainability journeys.

Digitalization: As anywhere else, digitalization is changing the interior decoration industry. More business transition into the digital space. Without neglecting the continued importance of analogue practices, the Group ensure that all Brands have a clear agenda for how to cope with and leverage the digitalization trend in all aspects.

Wall&decò Contemporary wallpaper 2022
Wall&decò Contemporary wallpaper 2022

Walpole Power List 2023

27 January 2023

On the 25th January 2023, Walpole revealed its annual Power List to celebrate fifty of the most influential people in the British luxury sector.