The Pappelina Story

Pappelina is an international brand with focus on premium plastic rugs. It was founded in 1999 by Lina Rickardsson in Sweden.

Pappelina’s aim is to create high quality, stylish and functional products with Scandinavian design. All Pappelina rugs are made using traditional weaving looms from the 50s and 60s at their local weaving mill in Leksand, Dalarna. 

To the sound of wooden shuttles rushing back and forth – a well-coordinated interplay between loom, warp and weft – creates the pattern of choice. Each rug represents a piece of Swedish craftsmanship and thanks to great composition, high quality materials and devoted craftsmen and -women, able to bring you the durable, contemporary and colorful design that is Pappelina.- 

Artscape – Beauty Driven. Privacy Perfected

30 May 2023

Leading the genre of decorative and privacy window film treatments since 1998, Artscape has been crafting thoughtful, art-inspired window films for over a quarter century. Artscape is known for elevating spaces with premium products and elegant designs. The application of the non-adhesive films is uncomplicated, simple to remove, and easy to refresh when you like.

In solidarity with Italy!

25 May 2023

During the past week, heavy rains and floods have hit the region of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy. The floods have claimed several lives and extensive damage on roads, buildings and infrastructure. 10,000s have been forced to leave their homes.