Wall&decò- tailor made contemporary wallcoverings

Wall&decò was born in 2005 from an intuition of Christian Benini, founder and creative director of the brand. Cutting-edge aesthetics, technical research and innovation are the pillars of Wall&deco on a daily basis.  Wall&decò successfully blends quality, technique and aesthetics and offers solutions suitable for all environments. Wall coverings boasting a unique design and a high visual impact for suggestive settings with a strong personality aimed at generating emotions through colors and imagination.  

Contemporary Wallpaper is the collection of wallpapers for indoor that develops the theme of macro-subjects, reproportioned each time on the wall to create real vertical stories.  

Essential Wallpaper Collection is a universe of abstractions and vinyl geometries that enhance the sensorial power of engravings, inlays and embossing.3D textures, bas-relief progressions and textures inspired by nature or skillful Japanese traditions evolve into sculpted vertical surfaces that open up unexplored horizons for interior decoration. 

WET System is the Wall&decò patented totally waterproof wall covering dedicated to damp environments, opening up infinite decorative possibilities in areas ranging from domestic bathrooms to spas. 

OUT System is Wall&decò's innovative outdoor wallpaper resistant to rain, yellowing and with anti-smog properties, which transforms patios, terraces, and façades, making wall decoration a fully-fledged architectural element for the original aesthetic definition of exteriors. 

SSW Sound System wallpaper- the wallcovering system that enhances the acoustic comfort of interiors by reducing reverberation.

Artscape – Beauty Driven. Privacy Perfected

30 May 2023

Leading the genre of decorative and privacy window film treatments since 1998, Artscape has been crafting thoughtful, art-inspired window films for over a quarter century. Artscape is known for elevating spaces with premium products and elegant designs. The application of the non-adhesive films is uncomplicated, simple to remove, and easy to refresh when you like.

In solidarity with Italy!

25 May 2023

During the past week, heavy rains and floods have hit the region of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy. The floods have claimed several lives and extensive damage on roads, buildings and infrastructure. 10,000s have been forced to leave their homes.

The Pappelina Story

18 April 2023

Pappelina is an international brand with focus on premium plastic rugs. It was founded in 1999 by Lina Rickardsson in Sweden.